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the 389 EUR price is for pre-booking your group of 4-6 people / paying 1×389 you pre-book for your group

The earliest possible date is the 1st of April.

/// in case only 3 or 2 of you are travelling, the price changes, but let’s discuss, directly throuh or use sIGN ME UP in our mENU <3.



/// accommodation for 3 nights in an original block of flats or B&B

/// pickup at the airport

/// on the first and the last day there is a guide for your service to show you around the charming suburbs and more

/// 3-day ticket for Budapest public transport and/or a bike (it’s your choice)

/// airport bus ticket for your way back

/// a hearty meal (dinner on your first night)

/// a fridge full of classic Hungarian cold dishes and a bottle of Russian champagne (and something much heavier)

/// ticket for the Turkish bath

/// insider and practical info in your own offline oFFTOURS passport


There is something beyond standard time out. If you are not a hop-on hop-off guy/gal, and you have already seen or simply are not interested in major tourist attractions, than oFFTOURS was invented for you.

Our 3-night trip invites you to the charming suburbs of Budapest. You can explore the unexplored parts of the Hungarian capital where tourists have never set foot before.

This is a small group tour, specialized from 4 to 6 persons (under 4 persons we have a solution too, for this option please contact us directly).


Your local guide picks you up at the airport and bring you to your accommodation – in a real 70s block of flats or a b&b. Depending on your arrival, on the first day you can take a peek to the neighbourhood’s local curiosities and whenever you arrive, we treat you with your first hearty meal at Gogohami. Your guide stays with on the first day.


On your second day you will simply get lost in the suburbs. With our guidelines and insider tips you can discover and explore secret gems of the neighbourhood: factory visit, old statues, tiny hidden museums & shopping time, etc. A local bar or biliard salon can be the last station of the day.


How could we forget about the bath culture? Well, we cannot, however, with oFFTOURS you can go to a bath where the insider locals go, not the tourists. You can start your third day here, than we let you see the classic Budapest attractions, according to your personal preferences (e.g. the Buda Castle, the Parliament or some ruin pubs).